When cats lick their private parts excessively, they’re not just cleaning themselves; it may indicate some medical issues.

Cats in good health have no trouble keeping their privates sanitary. This becomes a near-impossible task for over-weight cats with long hair that hasn’t been properly groomed, and the consequences can be fatal. Matted feces in their fur can become a health hazard. A quick trip to the vet for a severe haircut is the only hope for the poor animal.

Why does my Cat keep licking Private Parts?

If you notice Your Cat licking her private part (Bum, Anus) often or after urinating, it’s a part of regular grooming. Still, if she keeps Licking her genital area, she will likely have trouble with her urinary tract. If it licks around the anus area, it may have a problem with its anal glands. If your Cat licks her parts too much, you may

Reason For Cat licking Her Private Parts

If your Cat licks her private parts excessively, she could have trouble urinating or defecating. She could also be experiencing pain from a urinary tract infection (UTI). In addition, cats who lick their private parts excessively may suffer from feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which causes them to rub against objects such as furniture or carpeting. 

If your male cat is licking his privates, he may be in search of a female with whom to breed. During this time, cats can become combative and even kill other felines.
Male cats (in general) will become sexually active in response to specific odor (called “Pheromone”) or to howls produced by other cats at set times.
  • Skin infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bladder stones
  • Anal Gland Impaction

Signs that indicate Cat has Medical Issues

It’s normal for cats to lick their private parts. However, if your Cat licks its private parts more than usual, it may show signs of an illness. That includes excessive scratching, urinating outside the litter box, or vomiting. She may suffer from an infection or pain.

You should never let your cat lick herself if there is any sign of illness, such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, or urinary tract infections.”

Contact your vet immediately if your Cat licks her private parts excessively and seems uncomfortable.

  • Swollen private parts (Penis, Anus, Vulva)
  • Rubbing of Rectal Area
  • Discharge from penis
  • Presence of pimples (pustules)
  • Black or rust-colored skin (Discoloration)
  • Frequent Urination


Cat licking another cat

Is it bad for the cat to lick their private part?

No, Cat saliva contains disinfectant bacteria that kill harmful bacteria. Their saliva disinfects the wound and keeps it from becoming infected. When your cat licks its butt, it’s the same as when humans use toilet paper. Normally, their stomachs can digest mouse bones, bird feathers, and other materials. It’s gross when you consider that they lick their butt and your hand, but there are no bacteria from it.

Why is my Cat licking me so much?

There are several reasons for a cat to lick its owner; some of them are the following:

To Show Affection

For cats licking is not used for grooming; It is also used to express their Love. Cat shows affection in the following ways.

  • Eye contact is one of the most critical factors in showing affection, and it’s interesting that cats only make eye contact with people they like.
  • Greetings: Cat also shows affection by greeting. When the front door opens, they rush to welcome you.
  • Vocalization: They can’t speak, but during close contact with Purring, they show their affection
  • Pawing and biting: Cat starts biting you to show her affection for being Human. This isn’t a pleasant greeting.
  • Body language: In Body language, the tail is significant. Cat show affection by sitting close enough so their bottom touches you and winding their way through your legs. The powerful sign of trust and affection is what a cat feels when you rub its belly.


To Get Attention

Sometimes you forget to feed your cat, and rather than waiting for food, it might Lick you to remind you that it’s treat time. Another reason your cat licks you is that your cat may want to capture your attention.