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Trazodone for Dogs: Benefits, Dosage Guidelines, and Side Effects

What Is Trazodone for Dogs Used For

Does your dog struggle with fireworks or thunderstorms? Or does car travel induce horrible anxiety? Phobias and anxieties are more common than you may think in dogs and as much as we can do to comfort them with management and support, sometimes pharmaceutical intervention can be an excellent tool in the toolkit for relieving this […]

Is Your Dog Sneezing? Here Are 8 Possible Causes

dog sneezing

Have you noticed your dog sneezing recently? Sneezing is fairly common in dogs, but if your dog is sneezing a lot, you might find yourself wondering if they’re really okay. Frequent sneezing can be alarming and concerning whether you’ve had dogs before or this is your first canine friend. In the article below, I’ll give […]

Wolf Lookalike: Husky Mixes That Resemble Wild Wolves


With their wolf-like appearances, husky mixed breeds captivate the hearts of dog lovers seeking an untamed yet loyal canine companion. Several husky crosses inherit the trademark thick coats, erect ears, and ice-blue eyes of their Siberian forbearers while enhancing their visual likeness to wolves. If you admire wolves’ aesthetics but prefer a friendly domestic dog […]

Australian Shepherd Growth Chart and Size Comparison

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed that goes through distinct growth phases. This guide covers the average height, weight, and coat length changes during an Aussie’s growth from puppyhood to adulthood. A size comparison to other popular breeds is also provided. Age Male Weight (lbs) Female Weight (lbs) Average Height (inches) Coat Length (inches) […]

Bernese Mountain Dog Growth & Weight Chart: Everything You Need to Know

Three Bernese mountain dog standing along the chart

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed that originates from the Swiss Alps. This article provides growth charts and size comparisons to other popular breeds and humans. Weight and Height Growth Charts The following charts outline the typical weight and height growth patterns of a Bernese Mountain Dog from 1 month old to maturity […]