Dog Calories Calculator

Dog Calories Calculator

How to Use the Dog Calories Calculator

  1. Enter your dog’s weight: In the “Dog’s Weight” field, input your dog’s current weight in pounds (lbs).

  2. Select your dog’s age: From the “Dog’s Age” dropdown menu, choose the appropriate age range for your dog. The options include:

  3. Choose your dog’s activity level: In the “Activity Level” dropdown menu, select the option that best describes your dog’s daily activity level:

  4. Select your dog’s breed size: From the “Breed Size” dropdown menu, choose the size category that best fits your dog’s breed:

  5. Indicate if your dog is neutered or spayed: In the “Neutered/Spayed” dropdown menu, select “Yes” if your dog has been neutered or spayed, or “No” if not.

  6. Assess your dog’s body condition score: From the “Body Condition Score” dropdown menu, choose the option that best describes your dog’s current body condition:

  7. Calculate the daily calorie requirements: After filling in all the required information, click the “Calculate Calories” button to generate your dog’s estimated daily calorie needs.