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How to Calm an Anxious Dog: Techniques with Images

A girl Sharing bond with his dog by hugging him

Dogs experience anxiety and stress just like humans. As a dog owner, being able to recognize signs of anxiety in your dog and help them relax is an important skill. This guide covers everything you need to know about soothing a stressed out pup. Recognizing Anxiety in Dogs The first step is noticing when your […]

How to Get Rid of Fishy Smell from Female Dogs

A smell particle is coming from a female dog and smell seems to be a fish smell

It’s normal for dogs to have a certain natural odor. However, a particularly pungent fishy smell coming from your female dog may indicate a health problem that requires attention. This comprehensive guide covers the possible causes, home remedies, preventive care, and when to seek veterinary help for getting rid of fishy odors in female dogs. […]

How to Get Your Dog Unstoned at Home: Easy Recovery Tips

Many pet owners are unaware that dogs can become intoxicated by ingesting marijuana. As cannabis products become more mainstream, accidental marijuana toxicity in dogs is on the rise. While scary, marijuana intoxication is rarely fatal for dogs. It can take 6-12 hours for your dog to fully sober up from marijuana intoxication, but most dogs […]

Help, My Dog is Leaking! A Guide to Leaky Bladder in Dogs

If you’ve noticed damp spots around your house or your dog’s bedding, your dog friend may have a leaky bladder issue. A dog with a leaky bladder leaks urine involuntarily. This troubling symptom is not a normal part of aging and is usually caused by an underlying medical condition. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover […]

How Vaccinations Can Affect Your Dog’s Behavior

Veterinarian holding a puppy and administering a vaccine injection

Vaccines are vital preventative medicine for dogs. While some may exhibit mild behavioral changes like lethargy, decreased appetite, restlessness, or irritability after shots, these symptoms are temporary. Accept them as normal side effects, keep your dog comfortable, and contact your vet if concerning symptoms last over 2-3 days. With attentive observation and care, your dog […]