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Beagles are merry and curious. They’re 13-15 inches tall but have a huge personality. Beagles come in many colors like tricolor, red and white, and lemon. Beagles are friendly, gentle, and energetic. Beagles are loving, but need lots of activity.

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Height: 13-15 inches

Size Medium 3

Rank: 72

Size Medium

Weight: 18-30 lb

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Life Span: 11-15 Years


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Beagles have broad heads and short muzzles. Their sturdy physiques have a straight back and relatively short legs. Their large eyes are brown or hazel. They have long, velvety ears that droop. The ears reach almost to the end of the nose when pulled forward. The tail is long and slightly curved. The coat is short and dense. Common colours include tri-color, red and white, and lemon.


Beagles are pack animals and do well with other dogs. They are gentle, happy, and energetic. Beagles love to play and go for walks. They are driven by scent and will follow their noses. Beagles can be challenging to train and require patience. They do well with children but may jump and act rowdy. Beagles bark and howl often. They can be determined and stubborn. Overall, beagles are super friendly and make great family pets.


Beagles have high energy levels and need at least 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. Both mental and physical activities are important to prevent boredom. Allowing them to follow scents on walks provides mental stimulation. Beagles that don’t get enough exercise may become destructive or noisy. Training requires motivation and consistency to channel their determination.


Beagles are generally healthy, but prone to certain conditions. Ear infections are common due to their floppy ears. They are also prone to eye issues like glaucoma and corneal ulcers. Spinal disc disease leading to paralysis may occur. Obesity is a major concern since Beagles love food. Dental issues like gum disease can develop. Regular veterinary care is important to catch problems early.


  • Beagles are the 5th most popular dog breed.
  • They have excellent noses and are used as detection dogs.
  • The Beagle likely originated from ancient hounds in England.
  • They were bred to be pack hunting dogs.
  • The first Beagles came to America in the 1800s.
  • Snoopy from Peanuts is likely the most famous Beagle.


The origins of Beagles are uncertain, but date back thousands of years. Similar hounds existed in Ancient Greece. In the 1600s, pocket Beagles were popular as small hunting dogs. Beagles declined for a time but revived in the 1800s as rabbit hunters. British immigrants brought Beagles to America where they continued hunting rabbits. After the Civil War their popularity boomed in America as family pets and show dogs. They were recognized by the AKC in 1885. Today, Beagles are mainly pets and detection dogs.

Should You Own a Beagle?

Beagles can make excellent family dogs with proper training and activity. Their small size and moderate exercise needs make them ideal for many homes. They get along well with kids and other pets. Their curious and playful nature provides endless entertainment. But Beagles can be loud and challenging to train. Their tendency to follow scents requires secure fencing. While not aggressive, Beagles should be supervised with small pets due to their hunting heritage. Beagles shed moderately and need regular grooming. Overall, this breed thrives as both a family companion and a faithful hound.