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Why cat keeps licking Private Part?

When cats lick their private parts excessively, they’re not just cleaning themselves; it may indicate some medical issues. Cats in good health have no trouble keeping their privates sanitary. This becomes a near-impossible task for over-weight cats with long hair that hasn’t been properly groomed, and the consequences can be fatal. Matted feces in their […]

How Long Does A Cat Stay Pregnant?

Cats are remarkably self-sufficient, even when expecting kittens. But pregnancy still brings significant changes for cats that you may notice. An expecting cat often becomes less active and more vocal – you may hear her yowling at night as her motherly instincts grow. A pregnant cat’s personality may seem moodier, too. Her appetite fluctuates, first […]

10 Best Cat Toys For Its Entertainment and Exercise

Cats are notorious pets and are famous for Lounging in tight places and chattering. Knocking things over, and Kneading. Cat toys plays incredibly important role in stimulating your cat, helping to maintain their behavior. Sometimes Cats get bored of Simple toys and they need electronic toys. Some cats sleep too much and remain lazy all […]