two girls with a cat

Ronica and Carin

Y’all, I gotta tell you about my girl Carin. I adopted this shy little kitty a year ago and she’s been my ride or die homie ever since.

Carin was nervous around humans at first. But over time she warmed up to me and now we’re best furry friends. These days you can catch her curled up in my lap purring away while I chill on the couch.

I could tell Carin was special the first time I laid eyes on her sad lil face at the shelter. I knew I had to give this sweet kitty a home. Adopting Carin was the best decision ever, for real.

Let me break down Carin’s personality for y’all real quick. She’s a shy gal around strangers but loves on her people hard once she gets comfortable.

When I first brought her home, she hid under the bed and only came out for snacks. But thanks to lots of love and patience, now Carin wants all the cuddles! She’ll even play with toys and chase balls of yarn – major glow up. So proud of my girl.

Adopting Carin was easy breezy. I just filled out some paperwork at the shelter, paid the fee and brought her home that day. She was nervous at first but got used to the place pretty quick. Now we’re inseparable – just how I like it!

As for food, Carin is all about that wet kitty food life. She meows at me nonstop till I serve up her fave wet food. I’ve tried getting her on dry food but homegirl straight up refuses it. The Queen has spoken! When Carin’s hungry, she gets fed on her terms.

Carin has some favorite activities too. Chasing toy mice and feathers, hiding in tight spots for cat naps – you know, standard cat stuff. But her #1 jam is snuggling with her doting owner.

Even though she can be shy, Carin has taught me a lot, like how she secretly loves ear scratches. Oh, and that she’s smarter than the average kitty – girl knows how to open doors and cabinets like a boss!

I’m so glad I took a chance on adopting Carin from the shelter. She’s brought so much joy and companionship into my life. For real, adopting a furry friend is the move. 10/10 would recommend!