Cave Cat

Yo, let me tell you about the craziest hike I ever went on. I was trekking through the mountains solo for a few hours, just grinding away trying to reach this peak. My legs were burning but I wasn’t about to quit. Eyes on the prize, ya feel me?

Outta nowhere, I hear this faint meowing coming from a sketchy looking cave up ahead. At first I thought I was hearing things, but it just kept getting louder. I realized there was a straight up cat in that cave!

Now I was in a pickle. This cave was mad dark and creepy but I couldn’t just bounce and leave the little homie in there alone. After a sec, I hyped myself up and headed into the cave.

The deeper I went, the louder the meowing got. Finally I saw these glowing eyes staring back at me – it was a tiny black cat looking scurvy and shook.

I reached out slowly and the lil guy sniffed me before letting me pick him up. I could tell he was starving so I wrapped him in my jacket to warm him up. My hike mission could wait – this cat was my top priority now.

We chilled for a minute while I fed him a protein bar I had in my bag. Mans was purring like an engine and cuddled right up on me. I think he knew I was trying to help him out.

After the cat got some energy back, we continued the hike together. I wasn’t about to leave my new furry friend behind in the cave! When we finally made it to the peak, the view was straight fire – easily one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. My cat buddy seemed to think so too.

I couldn’t keep him with me forever though. So on the way back down, I took him to the nearest animal shelter so they could find this little dude a proper home.

It was a wild day I’ll never forget. Shout out to that cat for taking a chance on me in that cave. Easily one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The mountains tested me but connecting with that cat gave me purpose. All about perspective baby!