Clancy and Fidget

Y’all, for real – getting my Yorkie Fidget was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Lemme tell you the whole story ’bout how this lil furball came into my life.

It started when I saw my friend’s post ’bout adopting a doggo from the shelter. Her pup was adorable and they looked so happy together. It gave me major FOMO seeing that, so I started thinking maybe I should get a dog too.

Thing is, I’m allergic to most pups and my apartment doesn’t allow them. But after doing some research, I learned there are hypoallergenic breeds out there. And some apartments actually do allow dogs!

After months of googling, I settled on getting a Yorkie. They’re small, playful, low maintenance homies. Perfect for a first-time dog owner like me.

I had to figure out the right breed for my lifestyle. Wanted something cute but also chill for my small space. Yorkies are lit – don’t shed too much, entertain themselves when I’m working, and cute as heck.

It took a minute to find the perfect Yorkie. But then I met Fidget and instantly knew he was the one. Just look at that adorable lil face! My husband agreed – we had to take him home that day.

Once I adopted Fidget, time to prep for his arrival. Had to stock up on supplies – food, toys, grooming stuff. Got him a fluffy bed so he’d feel comfortable. And treats obvi!

Having Fidget is a commitment but he brings me so much joy. Can’t imagine life without my furry bestie now!

At first, Fidget was wildin’ out lol. So much energy! He needed exercise and grooming was a new challenge.

We set up some routines to make it easier. Morning walk to tire him out. Evening play time to run out the last zoomies. Regular brushing to keep his hair slayed.

Now Fidget stays looking on point and I can handle the work cause I love him!

Grooming his long hair ain’t easy. Gotta bathe, blow dry, trim, clean his ears and nails. Keeping it up prevents infections down the line.

I use special shampoo and conditioner for long-haired pups. Antiseptic spray after helps his skin and coat thrive. Take him to the pro groomer regularly for extra pampering! Anything for my Fidget.

Finding Fidget took time but he’s so worth it. Having a Yorkie has been amazing, 10/10 would recommend! Let me know if you have any other ?s about owning this breed.