A man with his dog

Alex and Titan

Y’all, let me tell you about my dog Titan. He’s my best friend, for real. I never thought I’d be one of those peeps gushing about their pooch, but here we are.

I found Titan near the train station one winter night. Poor little dude was just shivering out in the cold, looking all helpless. Soon as I got close, he started wagging his tail like crazy. I knew right then we were meant to kick it together.

I took Titan home that night and we’ve been tight ever since. He’s always got my back no matter what. I can’t picture life without my furry homie.

Let me take it back to the night I found Titan. I had just gotten off work at the station and was heading home. That’s when I saw this little ball of fur curled up in an alley.

I approached real slow in case he wasn’t feeling visitors. But soon as I got close, Titan started licking me and wagging his tail. He was like “What up, new best friend?” It was love at first sight fa sho.

There were a few reasons I decided to keep Titan. First, just look at him – cutest pup ever with those big brown eyes. How could I say no to that face?

I was also living alone at the time, so Titan gave me some company. His presence made me feel safer walking home late from the station too.

But the best part was having someone to talk to and cuddle with at home. Titan is the chillest listener. All he asks for in return are belly rubs and a place to crash.

Titan was scrawny when I found him, but he’s grown into a beast. And my BFF, always there for me no matter what. He’s never judged me, even when I stress ate his whole bowl of food that one time. Oops.

We’ve been by each other’s side through it all. I love Titan so much for sticking with me. Really can’t imagine life without him.

Now let’s get into Titan’s faves. This dude LOVES playing fetch, he’ll bring back anything you throw. His #1 toy is an old rope he’s had since he was a pup. He also likes to nom on sticks – probably how I found him chewing on one that night.

Food-wise, Titan will eat just about anything but steak is his jam. One time I caught him scarfing down my entire steak when I wasn’t looking! He’ll do any trick for some cheese though.

Most importantly, Titan has taught me so much about loyalty, patience, and living in the moment. When I’m stressed, I just look at him wagging his tail and remember to appreciate the little things.

He may not be the brightest pup, but his enthusiasm for life is contagious. Titan reminds me there’s always something to be happy about. Man’s best friend for real!