Getting a new puppy is an exciting time. However, when that cute little furball grows into a big dog with a big bark, it can become a nuisance for you and your neighbors.

Types of Anti-Bark Collars?

Anti-bark collars use a variety of methods to discourage dogs from barking excessively. The most common types include:

Infographic illustrating the main types of anti-bark collars - citronella spray, static shock, ultrasonic, and vibration.

Shock Anti-Bark Collars

Static or shock collars emit a mild static shock when they sense barking. The shock is designed to get the dog’s attention and interrupt the barking rather than punish. However, many owners find these collars too aversive.

Citronella Anti-Bark Collars

Citronella anti-bark collars release a spray of citronella scent when they detect barking. Most dogs dislike the smell, so it provides a negative association with barking. The scent is harmless but unpleasant enough to deter most dogs.

Sonic Anti-Bark Collars

These collars emit an ultrasonic or high-pitched sonic tone when barking is detected. Most dogs find the sound unpleasant, which curbs the urge to bark. However, it can also affect nearby humans or animals.

Vibration Anti-Bark Collars

Vibration collars buzz gently when barking begins. The sensation distracts and interrupts the dog from barking. This intervention cues the dog to stop without causing pain or discomfort.

Key Considerations for Big Dogs

When shopping for an anti-bark collar for a big dog, keep these factors in mind:

  • Size – Ensure the collar is suitable for the dog’s neck size. Look for adjustable collars or size recommendations based on neck circumference. Ill-fitting collars can risk injury.
  • Weight – Collars made for large breed are durable enough to withstand daily wear from a heavy dog. Lighter collars may not hold up.
  • Correction strength – Big dogs may need a stronger correction than a small dog to get the message. But it should never be excessive or cause pain.
  • Waterproof – Big dogs are often high-energy and spend a lot of time outdoors. Waterproof collars ensure functionality even in wet conditions.
  • Battery life – Incessant barkers require a collar with a long battery life. Frequent barking drains batteries quicker than occasional barking.

Things to Consider Choosing the Best Anti-Bark Collar 

With so many anti-bark collars on the market, it can be tricky to select the right one for your big dog. Here are some tips:

  • Consider your dog’s temperament – Bold, stubborn dogs often respond better to citronella or static correction, while sensitive dogs do better with vibration or sonic collars.
  • Supervise initial use – When first introducing your dog to an anti-bark collar, supervise them to ensure the correction is effective but not too harsh.
  • Make sure it’s snug but comfortable – The collar shouldn’t pinch your dog’s neck but should make sufficient skin contact for proper functioning.
  • Never leave it on for prolonged periods – These collars are tools for training, not intended for constant use. Keep sessions brief.
  • Work on basic training too – Anti-bark collars treat the symptom, not the root cause. Basic obedience training helps address underlying issues like separation anxiety.

One common trigger for excessive barking is when dogs bark at seemingly nothing.

Reviews of Popular Big Dog Anti-Bark Collar Models

Here are reviews of some top-rated anti-bark collars specifically designed for big dogs:

SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Rechargeable Bark Collar

  • Correction: Static stimulation
  • Features: Waterproof, rechargeable battery, adjustable static levels
  • Sizes: For dogs over 8 lbs
  • Reviews: Owners love the customizable static intensity and long battery life. It provides very effective bark correction for stubborn large breeds. The waterproof feature is great for outdoor dogs.

PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Control Collar

  • Correction: Static stimulation
  • Features: Waterproof, adjustable static levels, battery or rechargeable options
  • Sizes: For dogs over 40 lbs
  • Reviews: This collar is designed specifically with big dogs in mind. Reviewers say it works well for dogs up to 130 lbs and the progressive static correction means it rarely needs to go past the lower settings. The waterproof feature makes it ideal for hunting dogs and other outdoor canines.

Humane Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack

  • Correction: Citronella spray
  • Features: Waterproof, citronella refills, no harm to dogs
  • Sizes: For dogs over 22 lbs
  • Reviews: Many owners tried static collars unsuccessfully before having luck with this citronella version. They love the sensitivity settings to limit inadvertent spraying. It’s very effective at curbing excessive barking but gentle enough for sensitive dispositions.

DINJOO Dog Bark Collar 2 Pack

  • Correction: Static shock
  • Features: Rechargeable, 8 sensitivity levels, beep/vibration modes, waterproof
  • Sizes: Fits neck sizes 6 – 26 inches
  • Reviews: This adjustable collar emits a safe static shock when barking is detected, which interrupts and discourages vocalization. The 8 sensitivity levels allow you to customize the shock based on your dog’s temperament.


Excessive barking from a big dog can be frustrating and disruptive. While training is the best long-term solution, anti-bark collars provide fast relief from out-of-control vocalizing when used correctly. Take the time to find the right collar for your large pup that provides effective deterrence without unreasonable harshness. With a quality device matched to your dog’s needs, you’ll both enjoy more peace and quiet!


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